by beckyblondon

49 Frith Street
London W1D 4SG
020 7434 4463

I absolutely love this place.

It’s so very Japanese in it’s simplicity and execution. They do one thing very well, which is udon.

We went wild on the Small Plates, there’s something about tasting a variety of dishes that makes a meal all the more enjoyable. The umeboshi plums are yummy salty goodness, clean the pallate and remind me of a childhood delight. I love Tofu in most of it’s guises and the Kizami is no exception, really tasty. We also had the Kakuni roast pork belly which was beautiful though unexpectedly cold.

I really enjoyed my Yasai Ten Hiya Atsu, with really great fresh Udon and crispy Veg Tempura. The veg selection was what one would expect but yummy despite it’s unchallenging range. I resisted adding an egg though it’s something I’ll definitely try next, how can you go wrong with a hot spring (Onsen) egg.

Service is sweet and unassuming, if a little hurried. The bill was about £20 each with more food than we needed and one alcoholic drink each. It would have been cheaper were we to have been more restrained with our small plates, but restraint is not one of my strong points.

I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone even those who aren’t fans of Udon.

9/10 – Must Visit

Update: I still love this place, and a few more visits in I won’t review again but would simply recommend the pickled tomatoes. Amazing…