Dri Dri

by beckyblondon

189 Portobello Rd
London W11 2ED

Soo I had read good things and it’s distance from my house makes it almost in the garden so I felt obliged to test it out.

I’m really glad I did. I had a large cup (large but not insanely so) with Bacio and Hazelnut, what can I say I love nutty ice cream.

The Bacio was amazing, the clumps of nut throughout really took it from a good Gelato to heaven, and this is comparing to the Gelateria’s of Italy rather than London. And the Hazelnut was really yummy, but couldn’t compare to the Bacio and I wished I had only that.

The only reason it gets 4 stars is the price, I know this is Notting Hill and that they are next to the Electric but a “large” cup for £4.95 is a bit extreme even for me. This said I’m sure I’ll go back, just make sure it’s when I’m in treat mode…