by beckyblondon

19-21 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8QB

I had a really awful experience here last week and have been telling everyone who’ll listen. I was persuaded by a German friend who prescribed it was the best thing since sliced bread, well in Germany at least. We went in about 6:30 on a Wednesday evening, it was buzzy and bright.

I headed straight for one of the many banks of people waiting for pasta. I chose my pasta after a minute or two and 10 minutes later I was still waiting to have my order taken. Another 5 minutes more went by and I finally got to order my Fig & Spicy Sausage Pasta. Another few minutes a swipe of my card and I had a tray and a big bowl of pasta.

By the time I had arrived at the table my companion had about a third of a cold pizza left and a lonely look on her face. I sat down and was glad too see she had been prepared enough to buy drinks for us both, as I certainly wasn’t going to venture back out.

So to the reason people come here ‘apparently’. My Fig & Spicy Sausage Pasta had plenty of fresh fig, which pleased me, but last time I checked there was a difference between Italian Spicy Sausage and peperoni. This is the kind of school boy error that Pizza Hut would make and I wouldn’t expect of a place that charges nearly £9 for a bowl of pasta, accompanied by the privilege of queuing 20 minutes. It doesn’t help there are a few perfectly fine Italian chains a block away.

I decided to order a salad and park my pasta, and stupidly didn’t check the prices beforehand. I really shouldn’t have been surprised that the mozzarella and tomato salad was about £5.

A large bottle of water later and a bill for over £18, I wasn’t a happy bunny…