Tierra Brindisa

by beckyblondon

46 Broadwick Street
London, W1F 7AF
020 7534 1690

Having walked past this place a million and one times I had hopes of Tierra Brindisa. I’d read enough reviews by others to know that the back half with the bar was the best place to eat. And my forerunners were right; the airy second half of the room was a pleasurable light environment.

We’d had no plans to dine out and as such hadn’t thought of reservations, luckily it was relatively early and we were found a table for 3.
The waitress who greeted us at the door was charming and accommodating, this trend continued throughout our meal. They smiled at our poor jokes, frequently cleared the tables and re-filled our glasses.

To the dismay/confusion of my fellow diners I had already decided that choosing a wine would be easy. My theory that a good mid range European restaurant should have a quaffable fruity red under £20, perfect with tapas was met with a great house red (Tempranillo) at £16.50 (?).

We opted for the staples of toast with tomato (what I’ve always known as Pan Tomaquet), and Potatoes with Aioli (not dissimilar to Patatas Bravas) for some starch to absorb the worryingly drinkable wine. They were both tasty well executed versions of their Spanish counterparts. We mulled over the cheeseboard, and having seen a few passed decided that it was quite possibly too much cheese for this occasion. Though having missed out, will mean that I’ll inevitably have to go back.

We opted for the deep fried goats cheese with honey and beetroot to ensure dairy received a mention. It was a beautiful combination of sweet/tart and creamy/crisp, and should rightfully spawn many a dinner party interpretation. We attempted to order the scallops from the specials, but were dutifully unformed that they had run out(read: some greedy person in front of us had eaten them all).

All up we’d spent about £30’s each had 2/3rd’s of a bottle of wine and more food than you need in a day. Lovely service and great atmosphere, all in all a winning combination…


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